Brand Identity, Packaging
Identity and packaging design for a premium Peruvian coffee brand
'Monte' means mountain and 'Luna' means moon, making the name and the identity of the relationship between Earth and space.
The back of the package contains a beautiful story written by Peruvian writer Jerónimo Pimentel explaining the origin of Monteluna.
The translation doesn't do it justice but it is similar to this:
The moon felt so lonely from orbiting around the earth and never being able to reach it. Her sorrow was so big that one night, her tears fell and became seeds in the Peruvian valleys. Mankind decided to cultivate these plants and reap the best of its fruits. By day, he asked the sun to bless with its rays the seeds, that by night, scented so high that they could caress the moon. Since then, mankind, with each cup of coffee pays tribute to this union with a unique drink: special and from space. Monteluna. 
The cosmic appearance is reinforced by the black background and the silver foil and ink.
Client: Monteluna 
Sector: Food & Drink 
Discipline: Brand Identity, Packaging

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